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Join our Detailed Training Course on New Labour Laws covering all four New labour Codes in the form of  

7 Modules with 3 Years Validity & Support to become Master of New Labour Laws

COW 2019

IRC 2020

All in One Content (For HR Managers)

We are covering all following four New Labour Codes in Detail. 

a) COW 2019 (Code on Wages, 2019)

b) IRC 2020 (Industrial Relations Code 2020)

c) OSHWCC 2020 (Occupational Safety, Health & Working Conditions Code, 2020)

d) COSS 2020 (Code on Social Security, 2020)

Note: It contains total 7 Modules & comes with 3 Years Support  

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Each topic is explained in three parts

1) Overview (For Basic Concepts)

2) Detailed Explanation (For In-depth Knowledge with examples, Illustrations, Drawings, etc.)

3) Summary (For Quick Revision)

4) Chapter-wise Tests  (For self-assessments of strengths & weaknesses)

5) Case Studies (For Applying Law to real-life situations) 

6) Personal Support (Robust dedicated Personalised Support for 3 YEARS)

"Soon, Demand for the people well versed with New Labour Codes will keep on rising."

"Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think."

– Albert Einstein 

Three Stages

One must go through three Stages to become an expert. 

– Albert Einstein 

Acquisition of Knowledge 

"Overview & Detailed Analysis" these two Modules are perfect to acquire In-depth Knowledge.

Retention of Knowledge 

"Chapter Summary & Tests" these two modules are best to retain the knowledge acquired in Stage one.

Execution of Knowledge 

"Case Study & Certification" these two Modules are the Final Frontier for becoming an Expert.

Years of Expertise